Why train staff in energy efficiency?

If your organisation takes energy efficiency seriously (and if it doesn’t, it should!), providing energy efficiency training to your staff is essential, and here are 5 good reasons why:

Posted on 03 March 2015.

  • Your employees can be your most powerful asset in achieving and sustaining energy and cost savings. They will know your business processes and operations better than an outside consultant, and can be best placed to identify and implement energy saving opportunities, often without need for large capital investment.

  • Training will encourage and empower staff to take ownership of implementing energy saving opportunities identified

  • Trained Energy Champions can support their colleagues and management to identify implement and sustain energy saving improvements

  • Energy awareness training is an important part of a Continuous Improvement process to reduce energy consumption and an essential requirement of the International Standard ISO 50001 for Energy Management

  • A qualification in energy awareness is a powerful way to tell your customers, your staff and all your stakeholders that you are a responsible organisation and that you take energy efficiency seriously

So what are you waiting for?   One of our clients achieved a reduction in energy costs of 7½% just from training staff!

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