Will the BEIS Consultation lead to Government embedding Behaviour Change into energy efficiency policy?

Posted on 19 September 2019.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has been seeking views on market barriers to energy efficiency in the UK, and how we can create new markets for energy efficiency, securing its role in the wider energy market, contributing to flexibility and becoming a reliable alternative to increased generation and network reinforcement.

JRP has responded in full to the 10 questions in the consultation document and has focussed particular attention on submitting a very considered and extensive response to Question 10, where we set out our views on Behaviour Change.

We believe this is a significant part of the solution to a net-zero energy system and is one which is currently largely ignored. We believe a radical re-think on what constitutes Behaviour Change is required by government and industry alike.  Jes Rutter, JRP’s Managing Director and chair of the ESTA Independent Energy Consultants Group, recently met with the BEIS team to discuss our thinking on the potential of Behaviour Change and we are currently investing considerable resources in raising awareness of the hidden efficiencies possible through Behaviour Change.

We will continue to campaign for Government to adopt Behaviour Change as an essential element of the solution to a net-zero energy system and we are sincerely hoping that BEIS will use this opportunity to embed this into any future policies on facilitating energy efficiency in the electricity system. A climate emergency has been declared - it’s time for Government to tackle climate change through behaviour change.

To view JRP’s complete response to the BEIS call for evidence, please click here.