Embedding Energy Culture Change


Inspire employees to take responsibility


Harness internal expertise to deliver results


Deliver results through employee engagement

The potential for behaviour change energy savings is at least 50% of the available energy improvements potential. We can only access this by harnessing the power of people and embedding sustained best practice from within.

What is energy behaviour change?

Energy behaviour change means changing an organisation's consciousness to make improving energy efficiency, consumption, costs, emissions and management everyone's responsiblity in every part of the organisation's operations.

Enabling and maintaining an energy culture

We know that training can be an extremely effective way of engaging personnel to deliver real energy and cost savings within an organisation. Where savings are seen most keenly, however, is when the culture, structure and processes of an organisation also change to ensure that the engagement, awareness and commitment achieved through training is enabled and maintained.

Most organisations do not have the skills, knowledge and internal resources required to implement the measures required to achieve this level of change, and that is where JRP can help. Our highly experienced and qualified energy experts can work within your organisation to deliver your requirements through our Embedding Energy Culture Change programme.

This is a bespoke programme where JRP in conjunction with the customer will identify needs and objectives, develop a structured approach to meeting the objectives and then agree an implementation programme which JRP will deliver and manage.

There is no set time-frame for this programme as it will depend entirely on individual requirements and resources.

Typically, this programme could include, but is not limited to:

  • Developing a best practice Energy Policy.
  • Engaging senior directors to ensure top-level buy-in.
  • Resultant communication and project plan
  • Review and modification of management systems and procedures around energy.
  • Identification of training needs, including ‘training the trainer’ (to maximise in-house embedding of knowledge where possible).
  • Creating an energy roles and responsibilities structure.
  • Delivery of a tailored energy training and behaviour change programme. (See more>>>)
  • Support in recruitment of personnel with energy specific roles.
  • Developing an Energy Action Plan.
  • Tracking the implementation of projects.
  • Mentoring staff with energy roles to deliver the projects.
  • Creating and delivering an energy communications programme.

Please download the pdf for more details

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