Energy Efficiency Funding

JRP has considerable experience of working with organisations to realise cost and environmental benefits by managing and reducing their energy use. In our experience the greatest barriers to implementing energy saving measures are lack of resources, funding and expertise.

We have now partnered with an investor to bring you a unique service that overcomes these barriers, providing all the resources you need to achieve your energy objectives and carbon reduction targets – with no upfront costs to you and with all costs paid from the energy savings achieved!

This service is unique because:

  • We take on all the risks
  • The savings are guaranteed
  • The energy saved pays for all resources required to deliver the agreed plan – development, knowledge, expertise, implementation, management, tools, equipment, and projects
  • The funding is not centred around fixed assets – funding can be used for any energy saving initiative, from training to capital projects no matter how large or small
  • There is no upper or lower limit to the project value – as long as we can demonstrate adequate deliverable savings
  • Funding is ethically sourced

The result is measurable, sustainable energy reduction for your business. And while we’re cutting your costs and improving your bottom-line, you can focus on your business.

How does it work?

If you would like more information about how this unique service could achieve your energy objectives and carbon targets, please don’t hesitate to contact or call George on 07870 394601. Alternatively, call 0800 6127 567.

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