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Inspire employees to take responsibility


Harness internal expertise to deliver results


Deliver results through employee engagement

Your employees can be your most powerful asset in achieving and sustaining energy and cost savings. They know your business processes and operations better than an outside consultant, and can be best placed to identify and implement energy saving opportunities.

We know that savings achieved through changing behaviours can equal or exceed savings made through capital investment projects – at a fraction of the cost! We know how changing behaviour can have a direct and significant impact on saving energy.  For example, we worked with one client to deliver a best practice LED lighting project which required a capital investment of £480k.  The project was a real success and achieved energy savings representing 7½% pa of total site consumption.  We delivered a behaviour management training programme to the same client for £50k and they also achieved similar energy savings of 7½% pa.

Why use JRP Training Services?

We have been delivering energy awareness training to organisations large and small for many years with demonstrable energy savings results. Our expertise in identifying energy savings opportunities and delivering improvement projects, combined with our ability to harness and developing client teams’ internal expertise has delivered outstanding, sustainable, practical engineering and operational improvements. We relay our knowledge enthusiastically in simple, easy-to-understand language to inspire and engage the trainee with memorable messages, themes and live examples, leaving knowledge embedded in the organisation.

Accredited by ESTA

All JRP training programmes are accredited by ESTA, The Energy Services and Technology Association.  ESTA undergoes a robust qualification process whereby accreditation is awarded based on the content, quality and delivery of the programme.  Third party references are obtained from programme delegates to provide evidence of quality in these three areas.

What level of training is right for your staff?

JRP Solutions have 6 energy training programmes to suit different organisations’ requirements.

Be Energy - Energy Awareness eLearning

Be Energy is a user-friendly, interactive, eLearning programme that will help your employees to understand what energy is, how the use of energy impacts on our environment and how they can use less energy at home and at work to save costs and to create healthier businesses and a healthier planet.

The Be Energy programme has six thought provoking and enlightening modules with interactive graphics, questions and multiple-choice quizzes to engage the participant and to ensure key messages are retained.

Find out more in these short videos


Be Energy is designed to achieve maximum impact, with minimal disruption to business at a very affordable cost so that even in very large organisations, every employee can be engaged in the energy saving journey:

  • Very accessible with minimal disruption to business
  • Cost effective – as little as 90p per delegate (dependant on volume)
  • Content is relevant to every participant
  • Interactive elements test and reinforce learning
  • Can be branded, personalised with bespoke video taken in your own work environment and tailored to your own organisation’s requirements
  • Multi-media content engages the audience
  • Can be completed in approximately 1 hour, but can be stopped and returned to later if necessary
  • Suitable for all employees, no previous knowledge or experience required
  • Successful completion of the course is evidenced by a certificate which can be downloaded by the participant
  • Easy administrator access to manage and monitor enrolment and completion

We have developed a 30 minute version of our successful Be Energy programme in conjunction with a number of NHS Trusts, specifically for health and care environments. There is considerable pressure on NHS Trusts to reduce costs and saving energy is one sure way to do this. The NHS currently spends over £544m pa on energy. Any savings made to this figure could be used elsewhere in the organisation to fund essential patient services.

For more information and to obtain a proposal to suit your requirements, please ring 0800 6127 567 or email with details of delegate numbers.

Please download the pdf for more details.

Level 1: Energy Awareness at Work

Level 1 is a two hour course suitable for all employees, delivered in a classroom session and is ideal for incorporating into induction programmes for new staff. The Level 1 course has been approved by the Energy Managers Association and Energy and Utility Skills (EUSR), a certification body that registers a wide range of training courses.  On successful completion of the course trainees will be able to gain a certificate and qualification registered with EUSR.  The course objective is to really engage and motivate delegates to take personal responsibility for reducing energy consumption and to change their behaviours.

Suitable for all employees, no previous knowledge or experience required.

The tutor relates course material to the delegate's own working environment and can expand on relevant points as required.

  • Suitable for all employees, no previous knowledge or experience required
  • An Independently recognised qualification in energy awareness by EUSR
  • Delegates attending this training course will be able to download a CPD certificate upon successful completion of the course

Please download the pdf or watch the video for more details.

For further information on the above, or for a quotation, please contact or call us on 0800 6127 2567.

Level 1+: Engaging Staff in the Energy Saving Journey

Level 1+ is a 1/2 day customised course suitable for all employees and is delivered in a classroom session. The course includes information on energy use and how it affects the cost of running your business, the effect it has on our environment and how trainees can play their part in using less energy and using it more efficiently to save costs and reduce impact on the environment. The course content will be tailored to meet the particular needs of an organisation and will include a practical session to raise awareness of the client’s own environment and energy saving opportunities.

  • A 3.5 hours customised course delivered in the classroom, expanding upon the themes in Level 1
  • The course will include a practical workplace session to identify opportunities in the delegates’ place of training
  • Suitable for all employees, no previous knowledge or experience required
  • Delegates attending this training course will be issued with course notes and a CPD certificate
  • From £150 per delegate*, with a minimum of 10 delegates

Please download the pdf for more details.

For further information on the above, or for a quotation, please contact or call us on 0800 6127 2567.

Level 2: Workplace Energy Savings

Level 2 is a 1-day course tailored to the requirements of each organisation. It includes content from the Level 1 course and if required can include the Level 1 certification and qualification. This will be followed by a practical workshop based around an energy audit of the workplace. The trainees will be guided by the trainer to identify energy saving opportunities in their own organisation. The trainees will learn how to qualify, quantify and prioritise opportunities from the energy audit and formulate an Action Plan, which will be available for implementation and further development after completion of the training.

  • A tailored 1-day course delivered as a combination of classroom and practical work session seeking opportunities in the place of training.
  • Suitable for all employees, no previous knowledge or experience required.
  • An Independently recognised qualification in energy awareness by Energy and Utility Skills.
  • Delegates attending this training course will be issued with course notes and a CPD certificate.
  • From £250 per delegate*, with a minimum of 10 delegates.

Please download the pdf for more details.

For further information on the above, or for a quotation, please contact or call us on 0800 6127 2567.

Level 3: Energy Champion Coaching

The course structure will be developed to suit the individual requirements of your particular organisation, typically being made up of between 10 and 20 half day sessions, each covering a specific topic. The course content below is for illustrative purposes only. As part of the course, delegates will be guided to develop an Energy Action plan. The course tutor will work with the delegates to deliver their plan over the duration of the course providing advice and guidance based on extensive experience of delivering Action Plans in other organisations. Progress will be monitored and reporting procedures developed.

  • A modular course tailored to meet client-specific requirements following a training needs audit which will determine what is required to meet client objectives.
  • Up to 12 ½ day modules available, with a minimum of 5 modules.
  • Suitable for delegates with an understanding of the organisation’s processes or some technical ability/knowledge.
  • Delegates will work to create an Energy Action Plan which the course tutor will guide delegates to deliver over the duration of the course.
  • Delegates attending this training course will be issued with a course manual and a CPD certificate.
  • From £1320 per delegate*, with a minimum of 5 delegates.

Please download the pdf for more details.

For further information on the above, or for a quotation, please contact or call us on 0800 6127 2567.

Measurement and Verification (M&V) Training

Measurement and Verification (M&V) Training

JRP Solutions provides high quality training, offering delegates the opportunity to learn from qualified practitioners who are experienced in implementing M&V for industrial organisations and energy services companies. Our 1-day training course enables attendees to gain direct hands-on experience in M&V implementation, not just related to energy, water and waste but also other factors such as accounting for operation and maintenance savings.

Who is it for?

The programme is designed for management, technical, financial and regulatory personnel seeking to develop an understanding of the role of M&V in providing proof of the delivery of savings from energy improvement projects. This course covers the fundamentals of M&V, which can be used by Energy Managers and others to:

  • gain stakeholder confidence and buy-in to business cases for energy reduction projects or energy performance contracts;
  • maximises value over time by ensuring persistence of energy savings;
  • document financial transactions;
  • enhance the likelihood of gaining financing for energy improvement projects;
  • support decision making on investments proposals and business cases;
  • provide information regarding opportunities for improved design, operation and maintenance;
  • account for variance from the utility budget;
  • support evaluation of efficiency programs;
  • aid prioritisation of investments for competing technologies or projects;
  • educate facility users about their energy impacts;
  • improve score in sustainability rating systems such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design);
  • define standard approaches to measuring savings, to reassure facility owners;
  • legitimise ESCO projects through international recognition of the payment through the savings;
  • help parties to create transparent, repeatable performance contract terms and emission trades regarding savings settlement.

Course Content

The key content, which JRP Solutions will cover in this course, includes:

  • Introduction to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), the leading global standard
  • The key concepts
  • The real benefits of M&V
  • The M&V process
  • Preparing an M&V Plan
  • Selecting the appropriate IPMVP option
  • Worked examples of how to apply M&V
  • The trade-off between cost and uncertainty
  • An overview of the statistical techniques used to support M&V


In addition to the key concepts covered in this course attendees will also benefit from:

  • Gaining hands-on experience of the practical application of M&V
  • Advice from and access to the insight of experienced M&V professionals
  • By use of case studies, shared experience from real projects of optimising the approach
  • Interactive learning facilitated throughout allowing attendees to test their understanding of the materials covered
  • The review of practical aspects of implementing M&V to enable attendees to understand whether or not proposed M&V Plans are suitable for their intended purpose

M&V Services.

Net Zero Training and Engagement

Find out more here

Becoming an Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO)

JRP have both Registered EnCO Consultants and an Approved EnCO Practitioner and are very experienced in delivering energy behaviour change programmes. We would be delighted to support your organisation to achieving EnCO Registered Organisation status.

What is an EnCO?

An EnCO* is an organisation that is externally recognised as measurably reducing energy consumption by applying behaviour change techniques. You can see a short video here.

Why is behaviour change needed?

diagram of head showing brain

There is hard commercial evidence to show that changing behaviours to embed and maintain a good energy culture can easily make savings equal to or in excess of traditional engineered improvements. These opportunities to change behaviour have the potential to deliver 50 per cent of total potential energy savings.

Behavioural change means saving energy by transforming practices to reduce or avoid consumption. This includes obvious measures such as turning off devices from lights to air conditioning, setting conditions at the right level or time, and identifying simple low-cost energy improvement projects both for organisations as a whole and the individuals they comprise. But good energy behaviour goes far beyond this: it is about senior management decision-making, standards, policies, plans and, importantly, optimising the technology used.

Why become an EnCO?

The benefits from becoming an EnCO are considerable:

  • Energy waste and costs will be significantly reduced and savings will be sustained
  • Provides a stimulus to continually improve energy performance
  • Greenhouse Gas emissions will be substantially reduced
  • Savings will be evidenced and measurable
  • Employees will be engaged and motivated
  • Demonstrates good practice to shareholders, regulators, clients/customers, stakeholders and employees
  • Stresses to the business caused by rising energy prices will be reduced
  • Any money saved can be turned to profit or used to invest elsewhere in the business
  • There are social gains of reduced environmental impact
  • EnCO recognition will help gain access to business opportunities and procurement frameworks
  • Becoming part of the wider EnCO community will enable sharing of good practice
  • The organisation’s ability to attract new talent will be improved

How to become an EnCO Registered Organisation

To become EnCO Registered, an organisation must implement a holistic behaviour change programme and complete a registration process. There are over 140 behaviour change interventions that can be applied to any programme, each making a difference in reducing energy consumption.

If you are interested in finding out about your organisation becoming EnCO registered, or are interested in finding out more about how JRP could support you and/or your organisation to deliver a behaviour change programme, please email or call 0800 6127 567.

*The EnCO initiative was launched by ESTA (The Energy Services and Technology Association) in conjunction with the EI (Energy Institute) with the aim of registering as many organisations as possible who apply behaviour change techniques in order to measurably reduce energy consumption.

For more information on any of the above services, please email