Energy Project Management Services


Prioritise energy savings improvement projects


Define the improvement project scope


Prove the commercial benefits


Deliver the project and evaluate results

JRP’s expertise in managing energy improvement projects has been built up over 30 years, specifically within manufacturing organisations where our understanding of the issues faced by manufacturers enables us to quickly identify opportunities and deliver pragmatic and practical solutions. Our accredited specialists help all our customers to save energy and money, reduce waste and environmental impacts, and improve sustainability outcomes whilst at all times minimising the impacts on the manufacturing process.

We work flexibly, openly and with a true spirit of partnership to develop bespoke solutions that meet our customer’s needs and to deliver:

Reduced costs: We can demonstrate real financial savings for your business which is achieved through our deep understanding and experience of both the supplier and customer positions, the range and depth of our skills and our rigorous and innovative methodology.

A smooth ride: We understand your business and are responsive to your needs. We communicate clearly. The transparency of our data and consistent approach puts you in control. We have a uniform management information platform which makes your life easier, improves governance and control.

Minimised risk: We are confident that the rigour of our methodology and our expertise will maximise your savings potential and where appropriate we will consider shared savings agreements which reduces your risk. We will use the extent of our contract knowledge to help you avoid pitfalls.

Design to deliver: We deliver results. Because we provide consultancy services and also project manage the delivery of energy savings projects, we have a complete, practical and pragmatic understanding of all the issues involved and can ensure that the cost savings identified at survey stage are realistic, achievable and, most importantly, achieved!

Our expertise, practical ‘hands on’ operational experience and our innovative approach to meeting your needs has led us to develop our own unique software tools and methodology, Energy Activator®, a bespoke energy improvement project management tool, built on the same platform as our survey tool, Energy Initiator®, allowing seamless transition from survey to improvement project to delivery of savings.

Energy Strategy and Plans

The delivery of sustainable energy cost reductions is largely dependent upon the development and implementation of an energy strategy or plan designed to meet the specific needs of your business. This will ensure that a consistent and focused approach towards energy is adopted by the business.

JRP’s specialist advisors will work with you to develop a bespoke energy plan with realistic and achievable energy reduction targets based on historical and future energy and production data. The energy plan will identify how the targets can be met through the identification and successful implementation of practical improvement measures and projects that meet the investment criteria of your business.

JRP will help develop energy plans that also address cultural and behavioural change which we know from our experience can have a significant and lasting impact upon energy consumption and, as a consequence, the bottom line performance of your business. Energy plans will also incorporate supporting policies relating to maintenance, procurement, human resources and training.

Project Implementation

Finding the expertise and resources internally to manage an improvement project can be the biggest barrier to implementation and to achieving energy efficiencies. JRP’s flexible approach allows resource gaps to be filled to ensure the successful delivery of improvement projects. We will ensure all projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the required specification. We can manage all the following key elements for you:

Business Case: All projects are designed to meet the investment criteria of your business. The Business Case will be based upon budget capital costs and estimated cost savings in energy, labour and maintenance.

Performance Specification: This focusses on the desired outputs of the project for your business and the technology to deploy, and gives the solution providers flexibility as to how they deliver the defined outputs.

Contractor Identification: Local and national suitably qualified and experienced contractors will be identified, selected and approved by you before being invited to tender for any project.

Tenders: Each submitted tender will be checked to make sure that it meets the minimum requirements of the Performance Specification.

Bid Analysis: Submitted tenders from approved contractors will be analysed by JRP for completeness of submission, costs, stated performance, legal compliance, risk and timeline. Tenders that meet all the basic requirements of the performance specification will be ‘normalised’ so they be accurately compared.

Contractor Selection/Appointment: Suitable contractors that have submitted compliant and competitive bids may be interviewed before the main contractor is finally selected. The main contractor will not be appointed until it has been approved by you.

Management of Main Contractor: If you require, JRP will provide management of the main contractor at the level determined by you.

Project Sign Off: The project will only be signed-off once JRP is satisfied that the requirements of the performance specification have been fully met, all plant and equipment has been fully tested and commissioned and all snagging issues successfully resolved.

Performance Evaluation: Following the project sign-off the actual performance will be measured over a period of time and evaluated against the forecast performance. Remedial action will be taken where necessary.

Behavioural Change Management

Your organisation’s employees can be your most powerful asset in achieving and sustaining energy and cost savings. They will know your business processes and operations better than an outside consultant, and can be best placed to identify and implement energy saving opportunities, often by changing the way they do their jobs and without need for large capital investment.

JRP have considerable experience in working with organisations and their employees to prepare manage and deliver change plans to embed new behaviours and attitudes towards energy use, resulting in significant and measurable reductions in energy consumption.

Steps taken could be as simple as ensuring lights are switched off at the end of a job, or as complex as optimising a manufacturing process to use less energy without detriment to quality or productivity.

JRP’s advisors will consider all areas of employee influence when preparing a behaviour change plan which could include:

Training: JRP advisors can deliver employee training across your organisation, built on your specific drivers to use less energy; this may include cost savings, energy security, and legal and corporate responsibility obligations to reduce carbon emissions. By highlighting the main uses of energy in your organisation, and the factors that influence consumption your employees will understand how their work impacts on these objectives, and start to consider and prioritise how they could make improvements. This can be reinforced by providing a basic understanding of the technology behind your energy using equipment and systems. For example, from experience we know that energy awareness embodied in maintenance regimes for energy using plant and systems can be a major factor in reducing waste.

Equipment and Systems: We will examine your organisation’s energy using equipment and systems, from office equipment to complex manufacturing operations, to understand the makeup, quantity and cost of energy used and to identify energy losses and ways in which they can be reduced. We will recommend the most efficient and appropriate technology (or even assess if the job needs to be done at all) and the most efficient way to control and maintain it. We will suggest improvements or, if appropriate, take action to minimise them.

Operational Procedures: We can work with your teams to review operational procedures, including management systems and purchasing regimes, to identify energy saving opportunities.

Awareness Campaigns: We can support you in the development of your communication messages and deliver a considered and comprehensive on-going awareness campaign throughout your organisation. This may include suggestion schemes, posters, videos, screen savers, and awards schemes.

Energy Champions: Our advisors are experienced in recruiting, training and managing groups of energy champions who can play a significant role in the success of the energy behaviour change plan and take ownership of usage in their area.

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