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Our industry knowledge, practical ‘hands on’ operational experience and our innovative approach to meeting clients’ needs has led us to develop our own unique software tools and methodology, Energy Initiator® and Energy Activator®. Both these tools have been specifically designed to meet the energy efficiency challenges of manufacturing industries.

Energy Initiator® is a rigorous energy survey tool that not only reduces the time required to undertake a comprehensive survey, but, more importantly, maximises the identification of energy savings opportunities.

Energy Activator® is a bespoke project management tool for implementing energy improvement opportunities. It is built on the same platform as Energy Initiator®, allowing seamless transition from survey to delivery of savings.

Both tools offer energy management specialists considerable benefits over existing products and methodologies and can be licensed from JRP who will provide appropriate training and support. You can download our leaflet to find out more about Energy Initiator here or Energy Activator here or watch the Energy Activator – The next generation of energy project management systems video.

Energy Initiator®

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Energy Initiator®  is a powerful software tool that enables the user to systematically survey industry infrastructure and process machinery to provide an intimate understanding of how and where energy is currently being used throughout a site or business, and more importantly how and where energy consumption may be reduced.  Energy Initiator® has the following benefits over traditional survey methodology:

  • Reduces average survey time by 30%
  • Increases number of energy improvement opportunities identified by up to 50%
  • Provides an intimate knowledge of how and where energy is being used and wasted
  • A-G certification of individual assets, processes, buildings or sites shows current and potential
  • Provides hitherto unavailable information to help reduce energy by as much as 41%
  • Captures photos and sketches relevant to the survey

How does it work?

The software is used in conjunction with other appropriate survey methodology and uses a robust suite of questions relevant to the subject of the survey ie a building, process or individual asset with accompanying scores and guidance notes. This enables a comparison to be made between the current energy performance and the potential energy performance of the asset, process or building using an A-G rating. Details of the identified improvement opportunities together with their impacts upon costs, energy and emissions are key outputs of Energy Initiator®.

The key tool used for the survey is a rugged tablet PC with software that enables all data and descriptive information to be uploaded to a central and secure database. Useful features include: barcode reading, asset label printing, photographs, sketches, meter readings, timing for meters, date stamping and survey duration.

Energy Initiator is for use, following training, by qualified energy professionals and is available under licence.

Energy Activator®

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Energy Activator® is a dynamic, user-friendly, web-based project management and reporting tool that helps you make better business decisions with real-time, actionable information.  Energy Activator® will help you establish and enforce an effective governance process, align projects with strategy and analyse your investments so you can maximise the value of your improvement portfolio.

How does it work?

Improvement ideas and opportunities are uploaded to a web based database where they are stored and evaluated in terms of their cost, energy and environmental impact and then prioritised accordingly.

Selected improvement opportunities are subjected to a rigorous gated process requiring stakeholder sign-off at each stage before it can then pass through to the next stage of assessment and approval.

Individual improvement opportunities may be grouped together to form unique projects with all associated documents, images and schematics being stored on the same database providing easy access to all relevant information.

Energy Activator® may be accessed from anywhere in the world and the visibility of the stored information may be restricted, if required, in accordance with the structure and specific needs of the business.

The days of having to manually update spreadsheets to track progress against targets are gone. As an integrated, real-time system, the management reports generated by Energy Activator® provide valuable operational, commercial and environmental information that help to inform capital planning, budget forecasting and environmental reporting. 

The benefits:

  • Saves time, money and resources
  • Provides a constantly 'live' listing of project status
  • Ensures consistency of process and reporting
  • Gives global access and transparency of data
  • Supports strategic and tactical decision-making
  • Provides inspiration for new energy ideas
  • Captures all energy ideas, opportunities and projects
  • Aids prioritisation and selection of investment projects
  • Gated project governance process ensures stakeholder buy-in
  • Captures all data, images and documents
  • Generates automated and bespoke reports
  • Supports the requirements of ISO 50001 accreditation

Energy Activator® offers considerable benefits over existing products and methodologies and can be licensed from JRP who will provide appropriate training and support.

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