Jes Rutter: Managing Director


Key Skills:

  • Effective development and delivery of energy efficiency programmes
  • Energy and facilities contract management
  • Commercial/legal negotiation
  • Behaviour change management
  • ESOS Auditor
  • Practical, pragmatic approach to delivering real cost and carbon benefits
  • Commercial/Legal negotiator, most recently for AstraZeneca & a Global Power Systems Manufacturer
  • EnCO Approved Practitioner 


Jes has over 37 years’ experience working with organisations across all sectors to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, particularly within industrial process environments.

Jes is recognised as a leading expert in improving the effectiveness of energy use and energy and facilities contract management.  He was invited by DECC to contribute to the Government’s development of energy efficiency policy for business and has given many presentations for DECC and others on the topic of ESOS, energy management and behavioural change.

In his role as Chair of the Independent Energy Services Group of ESTA (2016-2020) Jes was the driving force behind ESTA’s Energy Conscious Organisation initiative to focus on the crucial role that behaviour change will play in meaningful action to tackle climate change.  

Jes is an occasional visiting lecturer in energy and behaviour related subjects and most recently has delivered lectures on Energy Behaviour Change at Cranfield University for Energy Policy MSc students.