Wendy Cheeseman: Senior Consultant - Sustainability and Energy

BA (Hons), MPhil, AMEI, AIEMA

Key Skills

  • Customer focused with good communication skills 
  • Energy management systems
  • Behavioural change projects
  • Energy stakeholder training
  • Energy strategies for whole estates/portfolios
  • EnMS materials and supporting documents
  • Winner of Energy Efficiency Award - Education Sector
  • ESOS Auditor
  • EnCO Approved Practitioner


Wendy is an experienced energy professional who has worked extensively for the last 14 years for both private and public organisations including writing guidance documents for central Government. Her work in schools with stakeholders of all ages has won several national awards.

Wendy’s preferred client has multi-site and high occupancy with people-driven activity. She is a passionate believer in eliminating needless energy consumption as a priority before moving on to efficiency and generation projects.

Wendy has an infectious enthusiasm for motivating non-technical stakeholders to embrace an energy management system approach and believes that energy management should integrate seamlessly with a client’s own goals and strategic aims. She demonstrates a flexible approach to achieve a clear outcome i.e. reduced consumption and spend, adapting existing procedures, responsibilities and priorities within an organisation.