Bristol Water staff give a unanimous thumbs up to energy training

A programme of energy awareness training delivered to staff at Bristol Water has been given a unanimous thumbs up by delegates in a survey conducted to assess the training’s effectiveness.

Posted on 11 August 2016.

100% of delegates from Bristol Water found their energy training interesting and relevant, said it would change their approach to using energy at work and said they would recommend the energy training to others.

“Bristol Water has a robust strategy to make energy efficiencies and reduce its carbon footprint.  By implementing this very effective training programme the knowledge we require to do so is firmly embedded within the organisation,” Rebekah Rice, Bristol Water.

The survey was carried out following the delivery of a programme of different levels of energy training by energy consultants JRP Solutions to a range of staff within the organisation as part of Bristol Water’s commitment to the energy standard ISO 50001.  

The bespoke training programme focussed on encouraging staff to identify for themselves any opportunities to save energy within their own organisation.   During the training, a substantial register of over 190 energy savings opportunities was compiled by delegates.  In the last 45 minutes of the last session alone the delegates themselves identified £11,000 of potential savings which require further investigation

“Organisations looking to reduce their energy consumption often focus on capital investment projects.  We have proven time and time again that as many savings can be made at a much lower cost through behaviour training.”  Jes Rutter, Managing Director, JRP Solutions. 

A total of 23 days training was delivered by JRP Solutions. Bristol Water aims to reduce energy consumption by 2.5% from behavioural change alone and believe this is achievable based on evidence of results achieved with other JRP customers. The potential savings based on Bristol Water’s energy expenditure is therefore £225k/year.


Download Bristol Water Case Study as a pdf

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