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ESOS, EU ETS, CCA, CHPQA, Carbon price support, EPCs, DECs, TM44 (Fgas), Building Regs Part L, Combustion Plant Directive, ECA's - it can be bewildering!

Posted on 01 April 2019.

Few people really understand the requirements of all these regulations and even less are aware of the potential consequences if they do not comply! And, to add to all these, there is now the new Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework. 

SECR came into effect at the beginning of April 2019 and coincides with the closure of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. It is a part of the UK government’s on-going commitment “to help businesses to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.  It aims to build on other nationwide mandatory energy and carbon reporting schemes like ESOS and Green House Gasses reporting (GHG)”.

What does this mean for you and what happens if you don’t comply?

SECR is subject to the same compliance rules as financial reporting for Companies House. Therefore reporting energy usage will attract the same penalties as late financial filing and if energy is unreported or misreported through SECR, a named director or the organisation may be taken to court and could face an unlimited fine.

SECR will affect all quoted companies and organisations (as defined by the companies act) in which two of the three following criteria’s apply:

  • over 250 employees

  • annual turnover greater than £36m and

  • an annual balance sheet of greater than £18m

This is different to the ESOS threshold, which defines a ‘large’ organisation from Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (see Note 1 below).  Currently requirements for GHG emission reports only apply to quoted companies. SECR means extending the number of organisations that report information such as energy and carbon (GHG) from 4,000 organisations (and 1,200 in public and private sector) under CRC to 11,900 (approximately).

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