Energy Consultants JRP Solutions win Technology Award for innovative energy survey tool

JRP Solutions have won a 2016 Technology Award for Best Energy Efficiency Software Tool: Energy Initiator®. The Technology Awards recognise the exemplary work done by individuals and businesses across this expansive and ever-evolving industry.

Posted on 22 August 2016.


Energy Initiator® was designed and developed by JRP Solutions energy experts to help systematically survey industry infrastructure and process machinery to provide an intimate understanding of how and where energy is currently being used throughout a site or business, and more importantly how and where energy consumption may be reduced.

"Using Energy Initiator® we have identified up to 35% more energy savings opportunities for our clients than with traditional survey methods.  We really believe that this software could be a game changer for energy surveying and are absolutely delighted that our achievements have been recognised by this award.” Jes Rutter, Managing Director, 



The software is used in conjunction with other appropriate survey methodology and uses a comprehensive suite of questions relevant to the subject of the survey i.e. a building, process or individual asset with accompanying scores and guidance notes. This enables a comparison to be made between the current energy performance and the potential energy performance of the asset, process or building using an A-G rating. Details of the identified improvement opportunities together with their impacts on costs, energy and emissions are key outputs of Energy Initiator®.

The key tool used for the survey is a rugged tablet PC with software that enables all data and descriptive information to be uploaded to a central and secure database. Useful features include: barcode reading, asset label printing, photographs, sketches, meter readings, timing for meters, date stamping and survey duration.

Energy Initiator® is for use, following training, by qualified energy professionals and is available under licence.

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