Over £1.0m energy savings identified at UK’s largest private hospital provider

With over sixty hospitals and treatment centres across the UK, four de-contamination facilities, over 275,000 in-patient and 1,500,000 out-patient visits each year, BMI Healthcare is the UK’s largest private hospital provider.

Posted on 23 August 2016.

With such a large estate, and a total energy bill of over £8.5 m, BMI had been proactively managing its energy use and had embarked on a companywide programme to replace all lighting with LED equivalents.  The requirement to comply with the Governments Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), however, provided the organisation with the opportunity to examine in more detail where further savings could be made.

JRP Solutions were appointed to ensure that BMI Healthcare was fully ESOS compliant before the 5 December 2015 deadline and following a detailed review of the organisation’s estate, transport assets and energy consumption data, audits were carried out on six hospitals of di­fferent ages and sizes plus one of the de-contamination facilities. The audits revealed the significant energy users to be space heating, air conditioning and lighting and JRP consultants with significant experience of working across all types of healthcare estate identified specific and detailed energy savings that could be made in the following generic areas:

  • Introducing improved energy monitoring and targeting systems with responsibility for performance being devolved to the sites themselves
  • Installing additional lighting controls such as occupancy detection in toilets and daylight sensors in areas with high levels of natural light
  • Introducing a motor replacement policy so that when motors fail they are replaced with energy efficient models instead of being re-wound it or replaced with a like-for-like unit
  • Fitting variable speed drives to large fan and pump motors
  • Installing solar PV arrays on south-facing roofs.

At the audited sites annual energy savings of 3,130 MWh were identified. When scaled up to represent the whole BMI Healthcare estate the annual savings potential identified was 17,560 MWh or 12.5% of the total energy consumption -  equivalent to approximately £1.05 million per year. 

“JRP’s ESOS Assessment is a very comprehensive piece of work… we are pleased that we chose JRP Solutions to do our ESOS Assessment,” commented a BMI Healthcare spokesperson.

The investment required to achieve these savings had an average payback of 2.2 years, but many recommendations could be implemented immediately with no investment.

“This is a great example of ESOS doing what it was supposed to do and our experts using their specialist knowledge to great effect”, commented Jes Rutter, Managing Director, JRP Solutions.

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