Severn Trent Water turn on to new energy project management tool

Severn Trent Water is the latest major energy user to sign a licence for the use of Energy Activator®, a tool designed by a specialist team of energy engineers and IT experts at JRP Solutions specifically to make managing multiple improvement projects across multiple sites easier and more effective.

Posted on 13 October 2016.

Energy Activator®,is a dynamic, user-friendly, web-based project management and reporting tool that enables the capture of energy reduction ideas and facilitates the effective management of a portfolio of energy reduction projects that will significantly improve the cost, environmental and operational performance of industrial businesses.

Severn Trent Water operate over 6,000 sites and have many energy improvement projects ongoing at any one time.

Bill Edwards, Energy and Chemicals Manager at Severn Trent Water, commented on the deal:

‘This is a great step forward for us.  Although we had a centralised database of energy improvement projects, it was difficult to manage and couldn’t give us the management data we require.  We examined alternatives and chose Energy Activator® as it will give us excellent visibility of all our projects, will help us to prioritise projects and enable us to report not just on current and future projects but also on completed projects too.’

The management reports generated by Energy Activator® provide valuable operational, commercial and environmental information that help to inform capital planning, budget forecasting and environmental reporting.  In addition, Energy Activator® provides many other significant benefits over the usual tools used for managing energy improvement projects including:

  • Saves time, money and resources
  • Provides a constantly 'live' listing of project status
  • Ensures consistency of process and reporting
  • Gives global access and transparency of data
  • Supports strategic and tactical decision-making
  • Provides inspiration for new energy ideas
  • Captures all energy ideas, opportunities and projects
  • Aids prioritisation and selection of investment projects
  • Gated project governance process aids stakeholder buy-in
  • Captures all data, images and documents
  • Generates automated and bespoke reports
  • Supports the requirements of ISO 50001 accreditation

JRP will provide training and support to ensure a smooth transition from Severn Trent Water’s current project database to Energy Activator®.

For more information on Energy Activator®, please email or call 0800 6127 567