Vodafone and Severn Trent Water manage 1000s of energy projects. How do they do it?

The cost of energy is business critical and is set to increase significantly over the next decade. This means that identifying and implementing energy savings projects will continue to be an essential part of an organisation’s energy strategy.

Posted on 04 September 2018.

As energy experts, we know that the way energy projects are managed can have a significant impact on the output. An holistic approach to energy project management is essential to enable an efficient, effective, prioritised approach that maximises savings. 

World leading mobile communications provider Vodafone and Severn Trent Water who operate over 6,000 sites in the country, have both selected energy specialist JRP Solutions’ energy project management tool, Energy Activator® for the job.

From as little as £40 per user pcm, Energy Activator®, a dynamic, user-friendly, web-based project management and reporting tool, enables the capture of energy reduction ideas and facilitates the effective management of a portfolio of energy reduction projects that will significantly improve the cost, environmental and operational performance of industrial businesses.

Energy Activator® is a tool designed by a specialist team of energy engineers and IT experts at JRP specifically to make managing multiple improvement projects across multiple sites easier and more effective. 

The management reports generated by Energy Activator® provide valuable operational, commercial and environmental information that help to inform capital planning, budget forecasting and environmental reporting.  In addition, Energy Activator® provides many other significant benefits over the usual tools used for managing energy improvement projects including:

The benefits of Energy Activator®

  • Saves time, money and resources

  • Provides a constantly 'live' listing of project status

  • Ensures consistency of process and reporting

  • Gives global access and transparency of data

  • Supports strategic and tactical decision-making

  • Provides inspiration for new energy ideas

  • Captures all energy ideas, opportunities and projects

  • Aids prioritisation and selection of investment projects

  • Gated project governance process aids stakeholder buy-in

  • Captures all data, images and documents

  • Generates automated and bespoke reports

  • Supports the requirements of ISO 50001 accreditation

Hear for yourself what the energy managers Vodafone and Severn Trent Water say about Energy Activator® in this short video.

Paul Garland, Energy Manager at Vodafone, commented:

‘What we needed was a clear pipeline of the changes that people would want and the benefits we’d be able to see.  Energy activator captures the ideas, it records what we need to deliver those ideas and helps us manager the delivery and execution. It then helps us review and improve the outcomes for those projects and future projects.

If energy activator was taken away tomorrow we would have a big hole to fill.’

Howard Perry, Energy Manager at Severn Trent Water, added:

Energy Activator lets us manage energy efficiency projects as a portfolio and track data and progress in a really simple and easy to use way.  It enables us to be really clear on the benefits of the projects that we’ve delivered, which is really important in communicating with the wider business and also in making business cases for the future, as well.  There are lots of tools available in the market, but this brings something specific about energy efficiency.

For more information on Energy Activator®, please email info@jrpsolution